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Meet Our Team



Qi Sheng


String Department Chair


Dr. Xu
Master Composition Instructor
Master Music Theory Instructor
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elaine huang.jpeg

Dr. Huang

  • Master Vocal Instructor

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ze chen.jpg

Dr. Chen

  • Master Vocal Instructor

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Ms. Kim

  • Stander Cello Instructor

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Dr. JJ

  • Master Ukulele Instructor

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bosai peng.JPG

Ms. Peng

  • Senior Guitar Instructor

  • Composition Instructor

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Ms. Shu Li

Piano Specialist

Master Piano Accompanist

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Ms. Yeo
Master Piano Instructor
Competition Trainer
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Dr. Wang
Master Flute Instructor
Group Recorder Instructor
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pq 声乐老师_edited.jpg

Ms. Ren

  • Master Vocal Instructor

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Shota Homma image 2.jpg

Mr. Shota

​  Senior Piano Instructor

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Wen Lin

  • PQ Master Guitar / Ukulele Faculty

  •  Electric guitar Specialist

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Lei Fang.jpg


Prof. Fang

String Adviser 

Violin Specialist

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WechatIMG154 (1).jpeg

Ms. Jane

  • Senior Piano Instructor

  • Music Production Director

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Headshot - Bin Peng.jpg

Dr. Peng

  • Senior Vocal Instructor

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Ms. Cathy

​    Senior Voice Instructor

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Yiming Yao .jpg

Mr. Yao

  • Rhythm Class Instructor

  • Master Percussion Instructor

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Ms. Chen

​    Senior Violin Instructor

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Dr. Chen
Master Clarinet Instructor
Competition Trainer
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Group Classes Instructor: 1v2 or 1v4 small group class provides the most fun and interesting way to make kids love the music in different ways and areas. 

Private Lesson: 1v1 customized lesson provides the most efficient learning experience and makes students more creative. Private lessons support students to have their study tempo to progress and find the best way to learn music.

Practice Trainer: 1v1 Practice Trainer provides the most efficient way of practicing to help kids finish their music assignments, learn different practice skills, develop more playing techniques, and build more imagination in music.

PQ Organized our teachers at different levels to help the parents/students could find the most suitable teacher. 

Level I Standard Instructor: mostly for the beginner students with less than a year of music experience who want to have a fun start and enjoy the music.

Level II Senior Instructor: for the students who are more serious about continuing to learn the piano

Level III Master Instructor: for the student who is the most serious about how to play the piano very systematically and wants to make some achievements

Beginner students are welcome to book high-level teachers to reach their high expectations. 

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