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1v1 Piano Lesson 

PQ categorizes teachers for precise student-teacher matches.


PQ has implemented different levels of classification for our teachers to ensure that students can accurately find the most suitable instructor.

Standard Instructors: These are suitable for students with no prior music experience or 1-2 years of music beginners. The primary goal is to cultivate interest, making it ideal for those who wish to enjoy the music learning in a relaxed and enjoyable manner without requiring extensive practice.

Senior Instructors: These instructors are suitable for students who are serious about learning music and instrument performance. They may already have some foundational knowledge and are willing to invest more time in post-lesson practice.

Master Instructors: Designed for highly dedicated students who seek a systematic approach to learning music theory and instrument performance. They aspire to achieve higher levels of skill and are willing to devote significant time and effort to practice beyond the lessons.

Beginner students are also welcome to book advanced-level instructors to meet their high expectations. Our goal is to provide the most suitable teaching approach for each student.


Ms.Shu Li

Master Piano Instructor

Master Piano Accompaniment

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Master Piano Instructor

Competition Trainer

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WechatIMG154 (1).jpeg


Standard Piano Instructor

Record Producer

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Shota Homma image 2.jpg


Senior Piano Instructor

Competition Trainer

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What a Trail Lesson For?

Prior to enrolling in our Private Lesson program, all new students welcome to schedule a Preliminary Trial Lesson with the faculty you want to study with. During this trial lesson, it will be a good experience for both teacher and student, and make sure you are perfect fit for each other. There will be only one trial lesson per student, per teacher. However, you may book another trial lesson with other teacher. 

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