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White Branch

Wen Lin

PQ Master Guitar / Ukulele Faculty

 Electric guitar Specialist

Being an all-embracing professional musician, Wen Lin is at one time a guitar player, guitar instructor, indie record producer, music supervisor, and a contracted artist of Guitar China.

In addition to composing, producing solo music and performing in bands, Wenlin has been teaching for more than 20 years since 1995. His students include famous artists in China, professional musicians and band musicians, some of them have been admitted to professional music colleges in China, some of them have gone abroad to continue their studies in professional colleges, some have won awards in national professional guitar competitions, some have participated in The Voice of China and other competitions and achieved excellent results. Some of his students have become professional producers or excellent guitar teachers. Wenlin himself  gives several solo recitals and teaches lectures around China every year. As the education director of this Alliance, Wenlin has created professional teaching materials

Professional Guitar Teaching Materials: both books are among the best sellers in the field and had been reprinted multiple times.

1. “Funk Guitar Textbook”: Guitar Textbook, published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing Company in 2004

2. “Electric Guitar Solo Elementary Courses”: Guitar Teaching Materials, published by Hunan Literature and Art Publishing Company in 2006

3. “Electric Guitar ”: Grade-examination textbook of China's ministry of culture, published by China Youth Publishing House in 2017

4. “Electric Guitar System Tutorial 1 — Introduction to Basics” Guitar Textbook, published by China Industry and Information Technology Publishing Group in 2018


Wen Lin is also a judge of Beta Three National Electric Guitar and Music Band Competition for ten consecutive years, a judge for EART Electric Guitar Competition for three years, and a judge for National Junior Music Band Competition for three years.

Yamaha Guitar Endorsed Artist

Samick Guitar Endorsed Artist 

Sterling Guitar Endorsed Artist

Relish Guitar China Endorsed Artist

Beta Three Speaker Endorsed Artist

British Vintage (John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd) First Key Player in China

Hotone China Endorsed Artist

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