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Kids Solfege and Ear training Class

This class is a good introductory class for all instruments study. We will teach the kids how to sing in solfege with fun snd medical exercises.


Benefit from this class:

  • Able to sightread, rhythm, and sing

  • Develop the ear and try to have perfect pitch

  • Read notes in both treble clef and bass clef

  • Sing without accompaniment 

  • Learn how does solfege important for learning an instrument 

Students will be ready for all other instrument lessons after this solfege class.

We’d love to find the most suitable instruments or vocal instructors for all the students. 

视唱练耳应该是最最基础的音乐训练课程,可以在所有音乐课程之前就接触。视唱就是教会小孩子看谱并且把音符唱出来,这里的乐谱包括,简谱,5线谱;音符包括Do Re Mi唱法和认识ABC音名。练耳就是音乐听觉训练,让孩子听过反复的听唱练习记住音高并迅速唱准,同时还包含基本节奏识得。




Class Type/Duration:

1V1 30 & 45 minutes session        1V2 30 & 45 minutes session

Group lesson opening soon...


Classes run for 8 session  

and materials are include

  • Kids Solfege Instructor

  • String Department Chair

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