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Ms. Tracey

Cello Instructor

Tracey is a Chinese cellist with high level technique. Her musical journey began at the age of 7 when she first picked up the cello. Her dedication and skill led her to become the Principal Cellist of the Symphony Orchestra during her time at middle school. She continued to excel as the Vice Principal Cellist of the Symphony Orchestra throughout high school and her undergraduate years. Her remarkable talent also earned her recognition as one of the Outstanding Artistic Talents in National Colleges and Universities, along with numerous national awards.


Presently, Tracey is the cellist at the South Bay Philharmonic. At the South Bay Philharmonic, her contributions extend beyond the regular concert season, as she is an integral member of both the Quartet and the Octet, showcasing her versatility and passion for ensemble playing.


Alongside her performing career, Tracey is also an experienced cellist teacher. With a year of teaching experience in China, she has imparted her knowledge to her students. One of her notable students is a flute teacher who shares her deep enthusiasm for the cello. With Tracey's Guidance, this student made impressive progress on playing cello.


Tracey enthusiastically welcomes beginners of all ages, including kids and adults, to embark on a musical journey under her guidance. Beyond technique, she's dedicated to nurturing a solid foundation in music theory, covering note recognition to dynamics. Her chosen teaching materials, Suzuki and Essential Elements, ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

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