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PQ Standard Piano Instructor

PQ Music Production Direct

Ms. Jane is  a music teacher, live performer, and composer. She holds a BA in music from the Communication University of China and an MFA in music from Mills College. Her works have been performed at Signal Flow Festival, NSEME 2020, MAGWest 2019, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, etc.

Ms. Jane has taught piano and other music classes in the bay area since 2020. Her students range from young children toadults. She is good at making individualized teaching plans for different students, and she is patient with kids.
Ms. Jane started singing and playing the piano when she was young. To pursue her interest in music, She went to the music high schoolaffiliated to Xinghai Conservatory of Music, where she studied and lived with other music students from different majors, including piano, vocal performance, strings, woodwinds, percussion, brass, etc. They went through fundamental music courses together during the high school period, such as music theory, ear training, and sightsinging. They also got many opportunities to collaborate with each other for performance. With years of music education from a classical music school where students have a diverse backgrounds, she is familiar with the skeleton of music academies and the pain point of learning process between different ages and different music courses. In addition to classical music, she is also good at teaching people about modern music technologies, like launchpad performance, MIDI production, creative coding with music, etc.

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