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The benefit of PQ Adult Class: Able to play the song by yourself; Expand knowledge of the different types of melody and harmony for songs; Explore the way to the accompaniment; Learn and play with practical harmony patterns, And most of all — Have FUN!

Adult Guitar Lesson

Hands on the Guitar

PQ Master Guitar / Ukulele Faculty

 Electric guitar Specialist

  • Being an all-embracing professional musician, Wen Lin is at one time a guitar player, guitar instructor, indie record producer, music supervisor, and a contracted artist of Guitar China.

  • Wen Lin is not only an exceptional musician but also an experienced educator of music for over 35 years. 

Adult Sing + Play Piano 

Do you want to play the songs you love? Do you think it is hard? 

Our adult Sing + Play piano class is open to all ages and music levels adult including beginners! 

We will teach you the basic music knowledge and many magic patterns of the piano accompaniment which you could use it in different songs.

Sida Headshot.jpg
Mr. Star

Sing + Play Piano  Instructor

  • 1st Prize of St. Andrews International Concerto Competition

  • 1st Prize of Amiri-China International Piano Competition

Adult 1v1 Voice Lesson


Adult Voice 

POP Music Instructor


Adult Voice 

Classic & MusicTheater Instructor

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