Ukulele Class

Do you want to play the songs you love? 

Do you want to play a instrument can stay with you anytime?

Do you want to play and sing?

Do you think it is hard? 


No! Let us show you! 

Our Ukulele Class is open to all ages and music levels for different ages start from 5+ years old through adult with all levels! 

The professional instructor Dr. Lai will teach you the basic music knowledge of Ukulele and many magic patterns of the piano accompaniment which you could use it in different songs.

Now, PQ offers 1V1private lesson1V2 kids class, 1V2 family class, and 1v2 adult class for Ukulele Class!

we will help you to find the best music partner for you if need. 

The benefit of PQ Ukulele:

  • Able to play the song by yourself

  • Expand knowledge of the different type of melody and harmony for songs 

  • Explore the way to the accompaniment

  • Learn and play with practical harmony patterns

And most of all —

Have FUN with your family and friends!!!

dr lai guzheng.png
Dr. Lai

​Level III Master Ukulele Instructor

Jay Yi-Chieh Lai has performed across Asia, Europe, and the US in such significant international cultural festivals as the UNESCO’s World Heritage Festival in Germany and the International Beijing Zheng Festival in China.

She has given lectures in schools including Harvard University, MIT, Akademie der Künste (Berlin). She received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in 2018.

What is the Trial Class for?

     Prior to enrolling in our Group Rhythm program, we provide a Preliminary Trial Group Class for all new students with Teacher Dr. Lai. During this trial class, it will be a good experience for both teacher and student. Parents are able to see how the class format is, and the teacher will test each student's ability and then split them into right level of the class.  

Class Type/Duration:

  • 1V1  30 minutes session  $45

  • 1V2  30 minutes session  $25

  • 1v2   45 minutes session  $35

All classes run for 8 weeks ( x8 sessions),

and materials are include