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1v1 Voice Lesson

Our Voice Lesson is designed for everyone who likes to sing and wants to sing better, we have a huge song list that can guide you through singing the song that fit your voice and Sing Your Song!

Jasmine Ren

She worked as a vocal music teacher in a vocational art college.  In Toronto, Canada, she was a vocal music director and work with medium and large Choir such as Maple Color Art Troupe and Xintiandi Art Troupe. 

pq 声乐老师.jpg

Dr. Cen was awarded the Second Prize at the 2023 MAP International Music Competition and awarded the Second Prize at American International Music Competition.

In addition, she was recognized as the Best Performer during the 43rd Acupuncture Legalization Day in California and received the title of Outstanding Performer in the 4th College Students Art Exhibition held in Shanghai.


Cathy Chen

Ms.Chen is the winner of the 2010 Qinghai Satellite TV "Blooming Flowers",  Guangzhou Division Top 100. She has a wealthy of experience performing on stage.

Ms. Chen has been engaged in music education for many years and has rich teaching experience working with young children.

elaine huang.jpeg

Dr. Huang

Dr. Huang has participated in a variety of music festivals and competitions and has won top prizes in the Russian International Opera Competition, Minnesota NATS competition, Kansas City Musical Club Miller Scholarship Award, and Charleston International Contemporary Music Competition.

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