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PQ Group Lesson 

PQ Group Class open to 4+ years old children  without foundation

 You might have concerns about your kids:

  • Are they loving music? 

  • Does my kid have a talent for music? 

  • How much time should I spend on the music?

  • Will they continue their music career in the future?

  • What if they give up after studying music for a couple of months?

PQ's group courses aim to provide a comprehensive immersive experience, considering market demand, children's characteristics, and the infectious power of music. Trying different courses helps understand children's preferences. Our group courses emphasize individual attention to ensure every student receives ample care. Prior to joining group courses, new students are encouraged to experience trial lessons in different groups. These trials benefit both teachers and students, allowing parents to understand the class format and choose the most suitable group course for their child. Teachers assess students' abilities and then place them into appropriate classes.

  1. Group Singing: 4.5--6yr, 1: 2 30min or 1: 3 45min

  2. Group Strings: 4.5--6yr, 1: 2 30min or 1: 3 45min or 1: 4 until 1: 6 60min

  3. Group Ukulele: 6yr-Adult, 1:2 30min or 1: more

  4. Sing + Play Piano: 7yr-Adult, 1: 2 30min or 1: 3 45min or 1: 4 60min

  5. Basic Music Theory: 6yr+, Online lessons open for the public joy, unlimited Students 60min

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