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Cool Music Education

Welcome to  Practice Queens

PQ was co-founded in June 2020 by violin teacher Qi and pianist Sarah in the San Francisco Bay Area. The original intention was to provide high-quality and exciting music lessons and practice guidance online for music learners during the pandemic. PQ enjoys steady development, and it is now a local music education institution with an excellent reputation. In 2022, due to expanding market needs, Qi decided to open physical classrooms in the Bay area, providing high-quality music education in person to local music lovers. They will also continue to devote themselves to developing new online products and music classes.

The perfect presentation in all music performances requires much deliberate, repeated practice. "Practice" is a reminder to new students of diligence in music learning. "Queen" is honoring the brand's tradition, founded and managed by women. Qi personally likes rock music created by Queen, and she hopes to be a Rolling Stone in music education who is innovative and dedicated.
Hence, she named the company Practice Queens.

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