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Woodwind instrument

Teacher: Dr. Wang
This class aims to create a fun learning environment for students aged 6 years old and up to study the recorder.

Recorder Group Lesson 

The Recorder is a 9-hole woodwind instrument whose key system and fingering pattern are similar
to the flute. Thus, the recorder has been regarded as a great prep instrument for young kids who are
interested in the flute in flute pedagogy. 
This program includes 6 classes, each class is 30 minutes in length. By completing the program,
Students are expected to understand basic music reading: quarter notes, eighth notes, recognizing
C, D, E, F, G, A, and B on the staff.

Class plan:
1st class: knowing the instrument and basic notation. Let’s play a scale on the recorder!
2nd class: Hot cross buns, Mary had a little lamb.
3rd class: Review
4th class: Au Clair de la Luna, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
5th class: Review. Old MacDonald had a dog, Let it go.
Final week: Let’s have a mini concert! Everyone is expected to perform!
Instruments are required before the class. Please purchase a soprano recorder for the lessons.
The model recommended: Yamaha recorder yrs-24b which you can find on Amazon.



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