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Qi Sheng​

PQ Founder
String Department Chair

Kids Solfege & Ear Training Faculty

“The moment I feel most proud of, in addition to hearing the music I played for the first time from the recordings, is the annual student concert. In the concert, I thought about our first lesson when I met them for the first time. After one year of learning music, all my students are different. They made progress in their instrument skills, as well as the perception and appreciation of music. I am proud of their effort, and I am thrilled to see they enjoy their music as much as I do.”


After graduating from the five-year Music Education program at Fujian Normal University in 2000, Qi went on to pursue further studies in violin performance at the Central Conservatory of Music.  Ms. Qi began as a violinist in 2002 and has participated in a variety of orchestras, quartet ensembles, popular recordings, folk music collections, etc. After several years of playing music extensively and her own reflections, she decided to follow her calling and start a new career as a violin teacher and
music educator in the year 2008. Since then, Ms. Qi has accumulated over 15 years of experience teaching violin to young kids. She has extensive experience in teaching private and small group violin lessons, as well as the
solfeggio lessons carefully designed for young children. Ms. Qi has also worked in the K-12 school settings in China, such as the International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB) and Korean schools in China Hangzhou.
She had awarded the Teacher of The Year in 2011 and 2012.

Ms. Qi moved to San Francisco with her family in the year 2013. She volunteered to help local students to improve their skills and be successful in the school orchestra. In the year 2018, she started her violin studio at Fremont

where she teaches her students not only the skills of violin, but the passions for music. Her students have won various awards in national and international competitions and has been accepted to renowned local youth symphony and
In the year 2020, together with other dedicated music educators, Ms. Qi founded the Practice Queens Music Studio with the mission to provide high quality music lessons and to help more students find joy through creating music.

Qi Sheng: Team Members
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