Sida Headshot.jpg

Star Fu

PQ  Piano and Sing Faculty

BM, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

In Star’s Piano career,  he joined many competitions and Music Festivals, which make his Piano career more abundant. For example, he won the first prize in the St. Andrews International Concerto Competition in Canada. Also, he was the first prize of Ameri-China International Piano Competition. Meanwhile, he was participated in the Walnut Hill Arts Summer Camp, and Piano Taxes Music Festival, etc. During the years of perform piano, he had some chances to have master classes with many famous Professors from different Conservatories. For instance, Professor Mengjie Liu from Curtis Institute, Professor Robert McDonald from Juilliard.


Apart from the classical music, he also have experience of performing pop music. he is very interested in analyzing the harmony of pop music and studying the performing methods of pop music. During his undergraduate study, he independently completed the composition of more than 10 pieces of pop music, and the style of composition is also very varied, such as romantic style and relaxed allegro. Composition techniques include the transformation of minor and major, etc. In order to know more about pop music, he also have the experience of combining pop music with classical music. In addition to pop playing and singing, he also participated in some music production projects. 


For Teaching experiences, he have taught students for many years, from Wuhan,China to San Francisco, America. The students’ age arranges from 5 years old to 40 years old, and there are many talented players. he really enjoy the time with students, and he’s willing to share all the knowledge to them.