Mr. Tian

PQ Ukulele Instructor

  • Member of Tian Musician Association

Tian graduated from Tianjin Conservatory of Music, and French st. Anne country Conservatory of Music. He is a member of the Tianjin musician association, member of the Tianjin guitar musicians association professional committee, and member of Tianjin Ukulele Exam materials deputy editor, has been committed to the ukulele promotion and teaching research and development for many years. He is the author of the book Zero Fundamentals of Learning Ukulele published by Southwest Normal University, a member of the editing team of Professional Ability Evaluation Criteria for Guitar Performance (Ukulele) of Talent Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the deputy editor of Tianjin Ukulele Gram-Tester Teaching Materials. Founded the Ukulele "T.J. Kids Band". Champion tutor of China ukulele cup children group in 2018, champion tutor of WAUF youth ukulele competition in 2021. He is now a senior ukulele teacher. He is committed to the promotion and teaching research and development of ukulele. His students have won many awards in ukulele competitions at home and abroad.