PQ Special Fun Rhythm Group Class 

Class open to 5+ years old children with or without foundation

Rhythms are one of the most basic concepts in music, but it always not easy to fully understand and flexible to use.


If you have trouble with:

  • counting the rhythm

  • recognizing the different types of notes. 

  • play metronome

  • how to play dotted notes

  • how long have to hold for each rest

PQ Online Rhythm Group Class will help you to solve all these problems by playing cups, pans, bowls, etc..

Our professional instructor creates the most interesting ways for the class to help the young musicians master the skills in play and fall in love with music. 


The benefit of PQ Online Rhythm Group Class:

  • expand knowledge of the different type of rhythm

  • beat the rhythm with living materials  

  • study and play fun rhythm patterns

  • helpful for playing all other instruments 

  • And most of all — Have FUN!!!

Yiming Yao .jpg
Mr. Yao

Fun Rhythm Class Instructor

  • 1st Prize Winner in marching percussion in the 5th National Drummer Competition

  • 2nd Prize Winner of the Snare Drum and Drum Set in the Tokyo International Competition

Class Type/Duration:

What is the trial class for? 

Prior to enrolling in our Group Rhythm program, we provide a Preliminary Trial Group Class for all new students with Teacher Mr.Yao. During this trial class, it will be a good experience for both teacher and student. Parents are able to see how the class format is, and the teacher will test each student's ability and then split them into right level of the class.  

  • 1V2 30 minutes session  $25

  • 1V4 45 minutes session $22

  • 1V4 Advance 60 minutes session $25

All classes run for 8 weeks ( x 8 sessions),

and materials are include