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1V2 Class 精品课程 

Class open to 4+ years old children with or without foundation

Why 1v2?

You might have concern about you kids:

  • Are they loving music? 

  • Is my kid have talent on the music? 

  • How much time should I spent on the music?

  • Will they continue their music career in the future?

  • What if they give up after study music for couple months?

Then, 1V2 is the best class for you!You could try different classes to see if the kids are like it or not. However, we are unlike other online group class since it very difficult to keep students consentrate via Zoom when there are over 4 students in each class. Our 1v2 Program's teacher will only focus on 2 students each class, and your kid will get enough attention from the class.

Class Type/Duration:

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Class Instruction Info!

What is the trial class for? 

Prior to enrolling in our Group Rhythm program, we provide a Preliminary Trial 1V2 Class for all new students with different group class instructor. During this trial class, it will be a good experience for both teacher and student. Parents are able to see how the class format is, and find the best 1V2 class for your kids. The teacher will test each student's ability and then split them into right level of the class.  

Class Type/Duration:

  • 1V2 30 minutes session  $25

  • 1V2 45 minutes session $35

Most classes run for 8 weeks ( x 8 sessions),

and materials are include

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