1v1 Practice Trainer

1v1 Practice Trainer provide the most efficient way for practicing. 

Benefits of 1v1 Practice training: 

  • How to practice 

  • Learn different practice skills

  • Develop more playing techniques 

  • Build more imaginations on music

  • Increase coordination

Instrument include:

  • Piano   

  • Violin    

  • Cello     

  • ​Clarinet

  • Viola

What is the trial lesson for? 

        Prior to enrolling in our Practice Trainer program, all new students welcome to schedule a Preliminary Trial Session with the faculty you want to practice with. During this trial session, it will be a good experience for both teacher and student, the student and parents will see the progress during the practice session.

Lesson Type/Duration:

 Level I Trainer: ​

  • 30 minutes session $10

  • 45 minutes session $16

Level II Trainer: 

  • 30 minutes session $16 

  • 45 minutes session $20 

Level III Trainer: 

  • 20 minutes session $15

  • 30 minutes session $22